I’m a Goddess and I Can Prove It!

Image        What do Christian apologists like William Lane Craig, Kent Hovind and Ray Comfort all have in common besides a surprising amount of supportive followers and  an appalling lack of critical thinking skills? 

This: The fact that they routinely assert that they have unbiased, sound and  irrefutable proof that the bible is the inerrant word  o’ god…only to default to the tired old song and dance of using the bible as that very  evidence.

Circular logic anyone?

Dude, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and the “WE ARE NUMBER ONE” sippy hat.

But , I say, hold on a cotton pickin’ minute … maybe I am being a bit too hasty in my condemnation,  after all, it is by this very same reasoning that I can claim to be a goddess.

No, really. Stop laughing.  I am a bona fide goddess! 

How can I verify this?  Simple.

See, a year ago I bought this beautiful leather-bound diary  that I entitled THE BOOK  OF ALICIA. 

In it I wrote down three irrefutable facts.

Fact 1: on December 15th, 1978, Michael D. Roach, my  husband, was born in McDonough Ga. 

Fact 2:  in 2013, a person of summer, in a room without walls, would eat a grilled cheese sandwhich

Fact 3:   Alicia Norman is a Goddess.

It all adds up.

So, are you convinced?  No?

Ah,  I see you need more.  Okay, try to follow me here.

THE BOOK OF ALICIA plainly shows that I am a Goddess because:

Numero Uno — the Book of Alicia mentions a documented , verifiable, historical fact.  Michael D. Roach, was indeed born Dec 15, 1978!  How is that for accuracy?  I invite you to look that info up for yourself!  Once you see that Michael D. Roach was indeed born on that date, and in that city, you will have to concede that I am a living goddess.

But wait–there’s more!

I was able to foresee the future.  Seriously. Stop laughing.

On May 12, 2013, I observed a woman in a yellow shirt (yellow of course signifying–what else? SUMMER!) eating a grilled cheese sandwich.  Get this! She was sitting at a small white table on a restauraunt veranda!  You know–a room with no walls.  Huh?  Huh?

Last irrefutable fact–the BOOK OF ALICIA says Alicia be a goddess, dudes, what more do you want?

I am a goddess and the book that says so proves it. 

Now, If hard hearted, non believers want to challenge these facts, they are truly blind, immoral and corrupt people who simply don’t want to give me the reverence I am due!  I mean, come on, the truth is simply staring yah smack dab in dah  face,  all like, BAM! 


Yah got your accurate, historical,  verifiable fact which somehow makes all other claims in my book true, you got an “easy-to-apply- to-any-given-future-situation” prophecy AND an unfalsifiable  claim. Holy triad baby.

NOW are you convinced?

Yeah…I didn’t think so.


***Special shout out to my good friend and fellow digital artist Camecoz of Deviant Art  for taking a truly plain old picture of me and  making it all mystical like. Thank  you mah brother.


6 thoughts on “I’m a Goddess and I Can Prove It!

    • Oh, why thank you–I am actually having a ball with this. I should have started it sooner but figured I wouldn’t have the time. A nice lady prodded me in this direction, and then I thought–heck I can write a few posts here and there about things that drive me completley nuts — it will be therepeutic and I’ll get to stretch my creative writer’s legs — that corporate crap gets boooring.

  1. totally agree ~ am rush!ng out to purchase a blank journal & t!tle !t * my journey to goddess~ness through osmos!s* by goddess sparkle ~ then *they* w!ll pay homage ❤ ~ thanks for the encouragement to leg!t!mately fly my goddess flag ~ ser!ously tho' ! get !t ; )

    • Do yo thang girl– and when you do sho wit off–I’d love to see it. Which gives me a great idea for something of a movement. Maybe we whould all buy little books and place some kind of unflasifiable claim in it–that would be hilarious. As soon as someone whips out their lil book we can whip out ours….lol

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