Most who know me know I have kids–and as such I police what they watch. Had they ever stumbled across anything TVMA or adult, I would simply explain that this was adult material and not for young ones. I’d answer any questions they had in a kid friendly way and that would be that.

In this day and age however you got grown ass adults who can’t look after their own kids and expect the world to do their jobs for them. They want to PG-13 the entire planet so they can never be offended or made unconformable by something.

These self same folks don’t mind exposing little Timmy to violent video games and shows but think seeing a nipple by accident will traumatize a kid for life.

Know what I do when I run across shit that I may not like…unless it is illegal, I simply say, “Awwww, damn my eyes!” shake my head, and move on…

I don’t write my congressman about it,

It irks me that I have to put this kind of stuff before my erotica clips an movies in a free society….

That said…anyone who wants to see the clip I created in full can go to my heart of death site WARNING TVMA ; http://www.heartofdeath.com

Fricking people!


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