Atheism Plus, Racism and YT Victim Hood (links below)

Long time no hear from, I know, I know, but as I explain in this podcast, I have been mad busy.

In the interim however, my mind has been chewing over a few things as I have been toiling away. One thing that is still sticking out like a sore thumb is the Atheists disturbing penchant to focus on annoying idiots like Feminists for example, while spending less time actually tackling real humanist issues.

Let’s kinda stop that shall we.

Another trend is the pathetic propensity of Youtubers to play victim Olympics with issues that really affect us all. We need to work together people.

Also, A CLARIFICATION — I noticed as I listened back to my podcast that I sad something that some may find to be contradictory. I note how the N word doesn’t offend me and then go on to explain later that the use of the word does.

I’ll explain.

I don’t think it should cause a person to lose a job or an endorsement or cause us to harshly judge an individual depending on context, however, the history of racial slurs of any kind makes me not like those types of words in general. Figure I should note that in case someone thinks I contradicted myself.

I also forgot to mention Fred Phelps as I had intended.

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You can find iTune podcast here:

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Why You Should Care About the Death of Net Neutrality

A T and T Takes Advantage of Net Neutrality

Damsel in Distress


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