How an Atheist Loves

When Theists want to know what kind of love they will find in an atheist world, this is what I hope they will find….

Also quickie rants about trolls and internet etiquette …



10 thoughts on “How an Atheist Loves

  1. Love your podcast and even though I don’t know you, love your personality. I live in Mississippi and jesus, I wish there were some women like you here. I’m 42 and an atheist. I’ve met no female atheists here in all of this time. Sigh, anyway. I’m on facebook and tire of the narcissistic atheists and jock riding fans for a few reasons. I’ve come across all of the scenarios you have mentioned in this podcast and have had similar thoughts. Don’t stop your podcasts. 🙂

      • Thank you so much for letting me know that. It kind of irks me when we take social concepts and simply run with them without thinking about them. Take the concept of settling down and having kids. So many people are dissatisfied with marriage and parenting because they enter into them by rote, out of social “expectation”. Why make such important decisions because folks tell you that is what you should do? People are happiest when they make decisions based on their personal outlooks. My Hubby wanted to be married and have kids so he enjoys his role as a husband and father. I wasn’t sure I’d want to have kids, or be married until in my thirties and when I made the decision it was an informed one. This is why I am happy. Friendzone concepts and ideas like “Women only want assholes” are silly too–and sexist to both genders. For example — when men say women only want and date assholes, they are implying that every man in a relationship MUST be an asshole. That’s dumb. I know plenty of good guys in relationship and yes, some jerks as well. Vice versa for guys who are in relationships with nice girls, and some dating bitches. MOST of the people I know however are in good, loving relationships.

    • Again, I humbly thank you kind suh … I live in the South too, so I feel you my brother — the Internet is an oasis for us free thinking malcontents and I have met a ton of great atheists (and of course not so great ones) via the web. It’s the final bastion of free speech that we need to protect at all cost via net neutrality. And yes, many atheist, while being on point in some of their social and even political observations, often forget the reason why religion has a toe hold. It gives hope, it provides a place to feel wanted and loved. I just read a screenplay about a man who tried to break away form a domineering religious patriarch. He goes off on his own, of course experiences a health crisis, goes home where he “belongs’ and finds love and acceptance as his father learns that he need to be a father to his kids and not a “Pastor”. The moral — that god is supposed to be about love. In a cold, often loveless world people will buy into the hype. To them, the atheistic ideology is cold and uncomforting. This is why my next podcast will elaborate a bit on the atheist love concept by doing a side by side comparison to Christian Agape Love and Atheistic Secular Humanist love.

  2. Alright, just finished listening to this. Hilarious but insightful. The story about your uncle and how you handled it was very touching. You were able to support him while maintaining your integrity. Awesome. I would not have known what to do. I think I’m done commenting now. Question, do you give advice.

    • Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. People think it doesn’t or shouldn’t matter, but it does. When people tell you they enjoy or get something out of your work it makes you feel as if you aren’t talking into the void. I greatly appreciate it. I don’t mind hearing folks out and giving my opinion but caveat that it is only my perspective which comes with its own biases….

      • I’m glad my comments matter then. Now thank you. Okay, I understand the caveat and but that is what I actually want. I rarely ask for the opinions of others and honestly, I pretty much just expected to listen to this podcast and move on with my day but some of the things you said resonate with me. Do you have an email address where I can email you. It can be a temp email or a address or whatever. Doesn’t matter. I just don’t want to post it here. Or if you can see my email addy with this comment, you can email me there. Thanks.

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