Race Bating Race Wars

My latest podcast comes shortly after  coming across a statement where someone said “Black folks just can’t let stuff go…”  This on the heels of learning 20 percent of Trump supporters think abolishing slavery was a bad idea…


We all need to let it go



Duck Dynasty Dimwits and the Idiots Who Love Them

*Warning VERY Explicit Language*

Tonight I go slap off on conservative hypocrites and what freedom of speech truly entails. This is framed in the Duck Dynasty debacle and why this issue became much bigger than the show itself.

Below please find the links to the channels and article I mentioned in my podcast.

Girl Does Rant — She does a great video response to iEmanuela’s diatribe on Homosexuality.

Duck Dynasty’s Yuppie Fakes

Cult of Dusty Duck Dynasty Video

My New Years Chat Hangout Bash



The imaginary “battle of the sexes” heats up with brand new imagined slights. This vid is an addendum to one I did prior where I discuss feminists and male contraceptives (and how some were against it) Further research indicates that the opposition may be somewhat smaller than I first declared, so I felt the need to clarify. Still, any faction that would oppose male contraceptives should be demonized.

That said, my research led me to a Male Pick Up Artist who was curiously pro-feminism–I wanted to share the thoughts he posted on his blog

Check it out and give me your thoughts. Also here are a few links to articles about and by women and feminists who are for male contraceptives:

Good Without God


In this podcast, I explore the assumption that Theists are more giving and charitable than Atheists. To that I reply, “The hell you say!”…

Below are links to some of the atheist channels and material I mentioned in the podcast. One love!

Friendly Atheist–Atheist Voice

Cristina Rad

Richard Dawkins Foundation link to Atheist Altruism Article

Links to atheist charity pages: