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PCIsm Isn’t What’s Tearing Us Apart

In my recent podcast  I explore the fallacy that it is political correctness that is causing a problem when it comes to modern political discourse.




On my maiden voyage through the rough, turbulant waters of public opinion and discourse, I am getting my feet wet with a somewhat meaty topic. I am tackling a trifecta of concepts that are somewhat interrelated, namely neo feminism backlash, sexual equality and the dreaded *gasp* patriarchy. As of late, I have become increasingly confused as to why feminism has become the target of such venom both on and offline. I need to qualify that by saying I am not a feminist, but rather a humanist. I stick up for all sides and all races. That said, the reality is that feminism is a very small movement with very little power, so why beat up on it and act as if it is a dragon in need of defeat? Because some of the women are radical and belligerent? That fact is actually hurting the movement. Besides, the same can be said of any political group…Also, why equate all the justified anger that both men and women have at social double standards with the basic right for all people to be treated equally?

You can see a few of my ideas on the topic which I will expound upon during this podcast here: https://sistahatheist.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/what-equality-means-a-humanist-view/

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